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Age of Apocalypse: Havok 
                                                            by Trip Somers

Havok was a custom of my own design (a rare occurance) based on his older brother, Cyclops.  His powers are pretty cool: he can draw energy from just about anything and release it as plasma (you know? the fourth state of matter).  Can anyone explain to me why his hands don't melt off?

Havok started off as his brother, AoA Cyclops from the January 1996 line of alternate reality X-Men.  ToyBiz then turned him into that annoying do-gooder Joseph in the Savage Land toy line of 1997.  I couldn't let ToyBiz make Joseph and completely forget the immature leader of Apocalypses prelates, so here's Havok!

I ripped open Joseph's packaging and tore off that stupid skull sitting on his shoulder.  I grabbed that extra Quicksilver head I head laying around, and attached it using my special Testors contour putty.  I then proceeded to "hair" Havok's new head.  I just sculpeyed over the old Quicksilver do, and added some texture lines.

I then, using the White Queen as an example, added the sculpeyed sleeves.  They turned out very life-like, but they're a little too thick.  I used the White Queen's sleeves to study how the professionals make sleeves look real.  Through the creative use of copycatting, I was able to pull it off quite nicely.

The only thing I really left off, was that black line over his left eye (our right side).  I left it off for one reason: I forgot.  I will most likely fix that when I give Zero Tolerance Domino her buzz-cut.

There are now two more paragraphs talking about almost nothing.  Obviously, I used four different paints: black, red, flesh, and that yellow hair color.  Of course, I also used a paint brush.  The next AoA figure I do, will be Nightcrawler.

Nightcrawler will be a Light-Up X-Men Classics Nightcrawler with the proper adjustments made.  After that, I'll probably do AoA Quicksilver, from a Muntant Armor Quicksilver.  Well, that's enough rambling for now.