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Age of Apocalypse: Dazzler 
                                                            by Trip Somers

Dazzler was a member of the less popular Amazing X-Men team during the Age of Apocalypse.  She also has a pretty lame power: she turns sound into light.  Despite lasers being a form of light, there's not really a lot to do there.  She is my fourth completed custom action figure.

Dazzler was created from two left over figures from my Zero Tolerance Domino figure (who by the hair will have her buzz-cut hair-do soon): X-Men: AoA Jean Grey and Spider Man: Bug Busters Silver Sable.  AoA Jean Grey's head was already gone, so I began my ever so short search for a head which ended with Silver Sable's decapitated noggin.  Of course, these two were joined peacefully at the neck with some Testors contour putty (a very unlikely yet strong glue).

Unlike Storm, I didn't get to enjoy any dismemberment, SHUCKS!  So the next step, after attaching the head, was to sculpt her scarf thingy.  I call it that because I'm near 100% positive there's no real-world equivalent.  Anyway, I started off with a rather bulky version of the scarf thingy that looked almost right, but I couldn't quite figure out what wasn't working.  Because of this, I grabbed one of the comics (Amazing X-Men #3, I believe) and began using it for a reference.  It was here that I realized I was using way too much sculpey.

Following this startling revelation, I lopped off about half of the stuff I had there, and I guess it was just luck, but it looked perfect due to the detailing I already had done.  Thus, I stopped sculpting.

The second best part about customizing (other than dismemberment) is boiling heads (if you don't watch Kids in the Hall, you're probably clueless on that one).  So the scarf thingy was cured, the only thing left was to paint.

There are now two more paragraphs talking about almost nothing.  Obviously, I used four different paints: blue, yellow, flesh, and that blondish color.  Of course, I also used a paint brush.  The next AoA figure I do, will be Nightcrawler.

Nightcrawler will be a Light-Up X-Men Classics Nightcrawler with the proper adjustments made.  After that, I'll probably do AoA Quicksilver, from a Muntant Armor Quicksilver.  Well, that's enough rambling for now.  Oh yeah, just so this makes sense, AoA Havok was already made before this recipe was written, that should ease your cranial stress (at least momentarily).