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I'm the DarkMonkE, a.k.a. Trip Somers.  I'm sure you've heard of me, because that's the only you'd want to come to this site.  This is where I keep all of my custom action figures for public viewing.  Most of my figures have complete recipes included on their pages, and the ones that don't have recipes will soon get them!

A member of the Custom Coalition

Quick Customizing Tips

Here's a quick summary of tips that are very useful for customizing action figures!

  1. Always use Magic Sculp!- Despite it's long drying time, it's the best stuff you can buy because you don't have to worry about melting your figures because of extreme temperatures.
  2. Find Good Reference Pics!- You can't make an accurate figure without knowing what the guy looks like.  Take some time to research the character to plan to make and refer to these pictures as often as needed.
  3. Use Multiple Brush Sizes!- It's incredibly difficult to make a good custom action figure with just one paint brush size.  Get at least 3 different size paint brushes, and it should work out well as long as they're not made with plastic bristles.
  4. Don't Use Latex Enamels!- Most Testors brands of paint will thoroughly mess up your perfectly wonderful work by NEVER DRYING!  Acrylics are the best inventions known to the customizer (next to Magic Sculp).  Find them; use them; be merry!
  5. Finally, Don't Spend Too Much $$$- Most sculpting tools can be simulated with stuff laying around the house (ie. loose screws, buttons, old toothbrushes, etc.).  Expensive paint is definitely not required, the cheap stuff at most craft stores is sufficient in painting action figures.

Cool Links

Here are a few cool links for the customizer in you!

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